Our Alice in Wonderland Mural

Art Factory offers Fine Art based lessons with Design-based projects, set throughout the term. This practical approach to art lessons in Mississauga or Milton, serves to instill solid art and design fundamentals, in all of our students. We encourage students to explore both disciplines, and will expose them to a wide variety of art media and projects. Lessons start with a brief but important Art History lesson, followed by a practical lesson. Students will focus on traditional sketching/shading and painting projects, and move on to projects on animation, costume design, graphic design, product design etc.. This is where 2D Fine Art Meets 3D Design.

Our Classes

Qualified, Experienced

Teachers with BA/MA

Degrees in Fine Art or Design.


Art Factory is a practical approach to Art which encourages students to explore their 2D and 3D skills.


Art Factory is available for children from ages 5  - 13 years of age

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Our Art Lessons have gone Virtual! Please send us a note for more info! 

Virtual Art Lessons - Offered on Thursday Evenings
Starting September 9th, 2021

Thursdays 5pm: $70/month (beginner) - 50 min*

Thursdays 6pm: $80/month (intermediate) - 60 min*

Thursdays 7pm: $90/month (advanced) - 70 min*


$25/lesson (drop-ins)

SEPT 2021 Art Lessons
In Studio


* art tuition based on 4 weeks