Genevieve Dietrich 

Provincial RCM Gold Medal Winner

Grade 3 Flute 

Multi-1st Place Winner at

Peel Music Festival


Couby Cheng

1st Place Winner at

Peel Music Festival

Multi-Winner at

Peel Music Festival and

Kiwanis Music Festival

Experience the #1 Flute Lessons Mississauga has to Offer!

At Mississauga School of Music, new students enrolled in flute lessons Mississauga will work on proper breathing techniques, clarity, turning, and reading music, building a solid foundation from your very first lesson. Attention will also be given to posture, fingering, stage presence and showmanship. Intermediate to advanced students will build on the above, and are encouraged to participate in RCM Examinations, competitions and music festivals, recitals and other performance opportunities. 

RCM Flute Teachers in Mississauga for 33+ Years! Award Winning Flute Students!

Our Instructors

We have over 45 first-class, dedicated and Experienced instructors with formal training including those with PHD, Master and Bachelor Degrees in Music, Ontario Registered Music Teachers, and RCM Affiliated Teachers

(majority have been with MSoM for 25-31+ years)


Our Classes

Our flute lessons in Mississauga focus not only on playing and reading music, but on breathing techniques, clarity, fingering, presence, and musicality. These techniques will give students the solid foundation and confidence to truly appreciate the joy of playing the flute.

We start our flute lessons in Mississauga for children from 7 years of age. We also offer a special program for adult students as well. 


MSoM Students who pursued music at an academic level have received admission to UofT, University of Western Ontario, McGill University, and Tisch School of The Arts etc.  

Our Regional RCM Gold Medal Winner for RCM Grade 6 Flute Stela Performs
Our Regional RCM Gold Medal Winner for RCM Grade 6 Flute Stela Performs

Stela wins the Regional RCM Gold Medal for Grade 6 RCM Flute - top RCM Exam score in Ontario. Stela has been studying flute lesson under our resident flutist for several years, garnering top praise and accolades at music festivals in the GTA.

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