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Rashaan Allwood

Performs at Mississauga School of Music's 25th Anniversary Gala Concert Rashaan is the National Gold Medal Recipient for ARCT Piano

Top RCM Exam Score in Canada, a perfect 100% 

Experience the #1 Piano Lessons Mississauga has to Offer!

Mississauga Piano Lessons for Kids and Adults

We start our piano lessons for children from ages 5 and onwards. If your child is younger than 5, we highly recommend our preschool music lessons (ages 4 and 5) which introduce children to melodies, rhythm, pitch, and much more. When your child is ready, we will be able to smoothly transition them to beginners piano lessons.


We also have a special curriculum for adults. Whether you are eager to pick up a new hobby or want to develop your piano skills, we can customize our adult piano lessons to match your goals. 


What to Expect 

At Mississauga School of Music, students enrolled in in-studio piano lessons are taught on upright acoustic pianos, so they become accustomed to the touch and tone. Online lessons are also available.


Recitals, music competitions, and regional festivals, and Royal Conservatory of Music Examinations are optional, but are encouraged to build confidence and give one a sense of responsibility and accomplishment – they are also great lessons in perseverance, presence, and showmanship. Repertoire ranges from classical to pop to jazz.

Beginners Piano Lessons

Beginners will learn note recognition, counting/rhythmic notation, and sight-reading to build up their musicality. We emphasize proper arm and hand positioning, and finger placement. We are strong believers in building a solid foundation from your very first lesson.


Intermediate Piano Lessons

Intermediate students will fine-tune these skills, in addition to ear-training, sight-reading, music theory, and an advancing repertoire. Greater emphasis is placed on developing musicality by playing with presence, sensitivity, and nuance.


Advanced Piano Lessons 

Advanced students tackle pieces that are technically demanding. Music pieces often include complex melodies, non-standard count, timing, or tempo, require greater dexterity, and are often longer in length. Advanced piano students continue to develop their skills and learn advanced music theory.


If you are ready to discover the joy of playing piano or want to improve your piano skills, contact us. Come and experience the #1 Piano Lessons Mississauga has to offer!

The most Enriching Piano Lessons in Mississauga for 35+ years!


Award-Winning Mississauga Music School

Our piano lessons have given students the confidence to perform and compete at regional music festivals. Our piano students consistently receive above-average RCM scores, first place in music festivals, and are RCM Gold Medal recipients. This demonstrates the strength of our piano program. Experience the #1 Piano Lessons Mississauga has to offer!

Our Piano Lessons in Mississauga


We start our Mississauga piano lessons for children from 5 years of age. We also offer a special program for adult students as well. We serve the residents of Mississauga, Oakville, Brampton, and Milton. 


Mississauga School of Music students who pursued music at an academic level have received admission to the University of Toronto, University of Western Ontario, McGill University, and Tisch School of The Arts etc.  

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