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Mississauga School of Music student Zining W playing the classical guitar - winner of the highest classical guitar RCM exam score in Ontario in 2010

Zining Wang open the RCM Gold Medal Ceremony 2010. He is the 2010 Provincial Gold Medal Winner for Grade 6 Guitar - Highest Classical Guitar RCM Exam Score in Ontario.

Experience the #1 Ukulele and Guitar Lessons Mississauga has to Offer!

Guitar Lessons for Kids and Adults

Students enrolled in guitar lessons with Mississauga School of Music can choose between our classical guitar stream or contemporary guitar (pop/rock) stream.


Students enrolled in classical guitar lessons will learn to play on the classical guitar (nylon string), and will study classical pieces. Students under the contemporary stream will learn on electric or acoustic (steel string) guitars and will study repertoire based on pop/rock hits

Ukulele Lessons for Kids and Adults

The ukulele is a wonderful instrument and is perfect for those who want to learn a cheerful, mellow instrument. Students will learn to play contemporary pieces on the ukulele. Mississauga School of Music's popular ukulele lessons are available to adults and to children ages 5 (pending assessment) and up.


Read Guitar Versus Ukulele - What Are the Differences? to see which one is right for you. 

What to Expect From Your Music Lessons

We place emphasis on proper form, hand, and finger positioning, building a solid foundation from your very first lesson. Novice students will also learn basic tuning, chording/plucking, and reading. Intermediate to advanced students will build on the basics and are encouraged to perform in recitals and music competitions.

If you are an adult learner, your instructor will create a customized teaching plan to match your goals, whether you are learning the guitar or ukulele as a new hobby, or if you want to develop your skills. 

If your child is under the age of 5 or is not ready to learn the guitar or ukulele, we have preschool music lessons for ages 4 and 5. These are preparatory interactive music lessons that teach kids about melodies, beats, and rhythm so that students can transition to guitar lessons or ukulele lessons when they are ready to do so. 

We Put the Quality in Your Music Lessons

in Mississauga for Over 3 Decades!

Our Music Instructors

We have over 45 first-class, dedicated and Experienced instructors with formal training including those with PhD, Master and Bachelor Degrees in Music, Ontario Registered Music Teachers, and RCM Affiliated Teachers

(majority have been with MSoM for 25-35+ years)

Our Music Classes

Our guitar lessons and ukulele lessons focus not only on playing and reading music, but on proper form, hand positioning, fingering, and musicality.


Two streams for students to choose from:

1. Classical (guitar only)

2. Contemporary (Pop/Rock)

We start our guitar lessons and ukulele lessons for children from 5 years of age. We also offer a special program for adult students as well. 


Mississauga School of Music students who pursued music at an academic level have received admission to UofT, University of Western Ontario, McGill University, York University, and Tisch School of The Arts etc.  

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