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As our music school celebrates 36yrs in Mississauga,
we would like to Thank our most dedicated music teachers.
They have been with us from our first steps, and we appreciate
their dedication, time,& efforts, to support every step in the musical grown of their students.

Professional Instructors = Award Winning Students

Mississauga School of Music (MSoM) has a team of first-class, dedicated, experienced instructors with formal training: including those with PHD, Master or Bachelor Degrees in Music, International Competition Winners, Ontario Registered Music Teachers, and RCM Affiliated Teachers. The majority

have over 30 years of teaching experience.

At Mississauga School of Music (MSoM) we personally assess and carefully match you with an instructor who will meet your particular goals, for recreation or RCM Examinations. We focus on building a solid foundation, with emphasis on proper hand position, technique, and presence, from your very first lesson. Come and experience the #1 Music Lessons Mississauga has to offer! 


Experience why our Music Lessons.. are the Best in the West!


We strive for EXCELLENCE in every KEY that we TOUCH!     


7 Benefits of Music Lessons

Learning to play a music instrument encourages personal growth and self-awareness: it teaches discipline, provides an outlet for self-expression, and gives one a sense of accomplishment (we all remember that sense of euphoria after getting through our very first piano recital). The benefits of music lessons stretches far beyond character development: it has been shown to support the development of young minds. 



  • supports + accelerates the development of speech: connects written words with sounds



Reading + Comprehension

  • supports + accelerates the development of reading + comprehension



Cognitive Behaviour


  • supports the development of strong cognitive skills + increases IQ




  • increases focused attention for sustained periods



Ear Training


  • trains the ear to detect the subtle details of speech + builds on language skills



Activates All Areas of the Brain

  • opens, reorganizes + forms new neural connections:

       increases working memory          to motor coordination



Improves Academic Performance


  • students are more likely to reach their full academic potential


©2021 Mississauga School of Music

Outstanding Performances by MSoM Students...Bravo!!! Encore!!!

Duets: Hightlights from Mississauga School of Music and Milton School of Music's Student Recital - June 25th, 2016

Mississauga School of Music: Jason Zhang (ARCT Student) Performs Prokofiev's Suggestion Diabolique 2017

Jonathan Performs Piano Sonata No.23 in F Minor, "Appassionata" Beethoven - December 2018

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