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Mississauga School of Music Vocal Student Opens the Midway Fun Fair with the National Anthem for Canada Day 2015

Caitlyn M. opens the Midway Fun Fair

with the National Anthem - July 1st, 2015

Experience the #1 Singing Lessons Mississauga has to Offer!

Mississauga Vocal Lessons for Kids and Adults

Singing lessons are a great way to build confidence for kids and adults. At Mississauga School of Music, we offer vocal lessons for kids ages 5 and up.


If a child is under the age of 5, we recommend our popular preschool music lessons (ages 4 and 5). Students are taught rhythm, pitch, and melodies in a FUN and engaging way. This enables a smooth transition for our youngest students when they are ready to start their vocal lessons.


For our adult students, the vocal teacher will tailor the lessons based on the student's learning goals and music preferences. 

What to Expect From Your Singing Lessons

New students enrolled in singing lessons will work on breathing techniques, warm-up exercises, vocal registers, and tone. Students will also work on posture, stage presence, and showmanship. Intermediate to advanced students will build on the above and are encouraged to participate in RCM Examinations, competitions and music festivals, recitals, and other performance opportunities.


Repertoire ranges from classical to pop. Students can discuss their preferences with the voice teacher.

Fancy a Challenge? Learn to Sing Opera!

If learning to sing opera sounds exciting, you can read more about what to expect from opera singing lessons. Adults and teens of all skill levels can sign up for opera singing lessons with our world-renowned voice teacher who has performed in lead roles on the international stage.

#1 Singing Lessons Mississauga has to offer from Opera to Pop! Learn from RCM Teachers with Performance Experience!

Our Voice Teachers

Mississauga School of Music Voice Teachers are RCM affiliated and have many years of experience teaching students from beginners to advanced. Our voice teachers stand out because they have starred in musical productions, performed on the professional stage in Europe, and have Masters Degrees in Music Education and Vocal Performance.

Our Singing Lessons

Our singing lessons in Mississauga are designed to provide students the solid foundation and confidence to truly appreciate the joy of singing.

Mississauga School of Music students who pursued music at an academic level have received admission to the University of Toronto, University of Western Ontario, McGill University, Tisch School of The Arts etc., and have gone on to perform in broadway productions like We Will Rock You.


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