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Danielle Wins Crescendo International Music Competition 2021

Danielle playing the piano - first place winner of the Crescendo International Music Competiton 2021

Danielle has won 1st Place at the Crescendo International Music Competition 2021, for her advanced grade 8 piano performance of Prelude and Fugue in C Minor by J.S. Bach. Through her determination and drive, she is able to shine brightly in these challenging times, showcase her talent on the piano, and again, lead by example to keep striving for excellence. In addition to this international achievement, she also won at the Kiwanis Music Festival 2021 for Grade 9 Piano, List A, with Gold Standing. She is currently preparing to showcase her award-winning piece at the Glenn Gould Studio in Toronto, this summer. Danielle has been taking piano lessons at Mississauga School of Music for the past 5 years, and she has come such a long way, with numerous international music competition wins and outstanding wins at regional music festivals like Kiwanis Music Festival! We are so proud of you Danielle, and look forward to seeing all your great achievements to come.


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