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Mississauga School of Music Performs at Chartwell

We would like to wish you and your family a healthy and happy holiday season! A few of our award-winning students were invited to perform a private concert for the residents of Chartwell, sharing in an afternoon of classical music. We hope these performances bring you much delight, warmth and joy: . Our students performed a wide range of pieces on the piano, from Claire de Lune by Debussy to Shooting Stars in Summer by Ikeda, all delivering first class performances that received great cheer from the residences.

Mississauga School of Music's founder and director, Jenny Goh, also participated in the day, by accompanying our opera student, soprano Ms. Lili. Ms. Lili won 1st place at North York Music Festival in 2022 for Opera and is a 3x winner of North York Music Festival.


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