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Student of the Month May 2018: Richard

Mississauga School of Music: Student of the Month – May 2018 goes to Richard M. Richard is a special young boy with the gift, work ethic and family one needs to become a great pianist. At 9 years of age, he has already accomplished so much in his piano studies. Most recently he had a great performance at the Steinway Piano Competition, and we are now eagerly looking forward to the final gala results. He won every class at the Peel Music Festival 2018 for Grade 7 Piano (Grade 7 Piano – List B, Grade 7 Etude, Grade 7 Provincial Qualifying Class for List A, Grade 7 Provincial Qualifying Class for List C)

with all marks in the 90s, a Peel Music Festival Scholarship, and was hand picked to perform at the Festival Gala Closing Ceremony 2018 at the beautiful Rose Theatre in Brampton. He competes at the Provincial finals in June.

“So privileged to be his teacher, he has improved in every way this Spring and really begins to take to heart the dedication needed to find the expression of every note, phrase, to make every detail come to life with integrity and detail in his approach!” – Christopher, piano teacher of Richard M.

Congratulations to Richard, his parents, and to his piano teacher Christopher! You all deserve a round of applause for your hard work, support, effort, and determination!

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