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Can You Start Piano Lessons Without A Piano?

Chart with dfferent types of pianos and keyboard - lists the difference characteristics by height, weighted keys, sound quality

In short, yes you can! You will require an instrument to practice on daily between your piano lessons, so you can continuously progress and make the best of your weekly lessons with your piano teacher. For beginners or those just taking their first steps, it is perfectly okay to start with a keyboard. At Mississauga School of Music, in studio, we conduct our piano lessons on upright pianos, so students can learn to command the touch and sound of an actual piano. The minimum keyboard required should have at least 61 keys, weighted keys are ideal for muscle development and encourage proper form. In time as you progress, you may find that your keyboard may not have enough octaves to practice on, the keys may not have enough sensitivity to touch in order to create dynamics, or may lack pedals to sustain sound, at which time you can upgrade to a digital piano or upright piano - which will have a full size keyboard of 88 keys etc. To help you along, please refer to our piano chart above, where you can learn about the different types of pianos and options.


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