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OMFA Provincial Music Festival Winners, Peel Music Festival Winners, RCM Exam Results 2021

Mississauga School of Music OMFA 2021 awards, Peel Music Festival 2021, RCM Exam Results 2021

We would like to extend our Congratulations to our OMFA Provincial Music Competition Winners: Amy and Richard. Amy won 1st place at OFMA for Grade 6 Piano, and Richard placed 3rd at OMFA for Grade 10 Piano. We would also like to extend a round of applause for our additional winners from Peel Music Festival 2021: Kaushik, Lydia, Mason & Rianne, and students who just completed their RCM Exams 2021 with First Class Honours with Distinction, and First Class Honours: Congratulations to Ava, Dania, Justin, and Krishiv, on a job well done! Bravo!!


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